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Wildman Vintage is owned and operated by Phil Chiles.  Phil started buying and selling great old clothing to pay for college and he started his storefront in Lawrence in 2004.  Buyers come from around the world to see what exotic thinks turn up at Wild Man.  It so happens that the Great Plains are a storehouse of wonderful old clothing.  Phil works a relentless travel schedule, traveling through six states to find things that will delight you.  That’s why you’ve got to visit the store on a regular basis:  Every item is unique and the inventory turns over quickly.  The perfect accessory, the great party dress, the unique work workshirt, the gawd-awful Christmas sweater... all these things come and then they are gone.  If you have items to sell, come in during regular office hours and chat with the staff.  If you have an estate sale, or a collection or a building full of stuff you think should be preserved, call and ask for Phil for a personal visit and consultation.  And next time you are in Lawrence, come in for a unique experience.

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