What We DON’T Buy


Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaids Gowns

Customers don’t want them.  At Wild Man, customers are always right!

Fur Coats

Fur coats cost a lot of money new but nobody wears ‘em anymore.

Women’s Coats With Fur Collars from the 1950s-60s

Same problem... but if they have a fitted cut or unusual details, we’ll take a close look.

Business/Office Wear For Men or Women

This includes 2-piece suits and basic dress shirts. Very few people wear suits anymore.  Still, we are interested in some women’s suits from the 1940s and men’s polyester suits in loud colors from the 1970s.

Most Clothing Made In The Last 20-25 years

Our customers want rarer vintage. T-shirts from the 1980s are an exception.

Long Dresses And Heavy Polyester Dresses

There are some exceptions to this rule, but they have to be special.

Women’s Jeans and Washed Out Jeans

Women prefer more modern styles with jeans.  There are exceptions from the 1960’s and 70‘s, and we’re interested if they aren’t too small.  Men’s and women’s jeans can be damaged but if they’ve been washed a lot and have lost their color we may not be able to buy them. We usually can’t buy work jeans, such as Wranglers and Rustlers, unless they are from the 1970s or earlier.

Men’s Ties

Yeah, you bought all those ugly ties for your dad for Christmas and now nobody wants them.

When you come into the store to sell

Make sure your items are clean and in-season.   We can’t buy clothing that has cigarette odor, pet hair, is dirty or dusty, needs mending, or has been worn into the store.  

If you would like to schedule a housecall, we can buy clothing that needs cleaning.  Questions?  Call 785-856 0303 and ask for Phil.

There’s a world of vintage clothing out there, but my customers are choosy.    Even a piece from the right time period doesn’t mean people want it. Here’s some things we don’t buy at Wild Man Vintage...


Coat with a fur collar?  What were they thinking?

No, no, not gonna happen.

Stop, you’re killin’ me here

Keep it in your closet. you might need it